23.3–26.3 2017
Carlos No & Rikke Benborg

Candyland @ SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Svarta Huset, Telefonplan

For Supermarket 2017, Candyland presents Carlos No (PT) and Rikke Benborg (DK).

Carlos No is a Portuguese artist whose work portrays critical concern in relation to disrespect for human rights, primarily in situations of unfairness, absence of freedom, exploitation, and abuse of power. He uses images, texts, and objects, in a continuous game of oppositional meanings where he analyses concepts such as power, justice, exclusion, and identity, by means of irony and as expositive weapons for his points of view.
Rikke Benborg is a Danish artist working mainly with film and video. In her most recent works she has been exploring themes of desire and identity, repression and anxiety – focusing on female hysteria and the body as a performative stage, where the hidden, unknown, or repressed is acted out.