20.5–5.6 2022
Sandra Lazzarini

Vernissage fredag 20 maj 2022 kl 17–22.

Öppet fredag–söndag kl 13–16, t.o.m. 5 juni 2022.
Gotlandsgatan 76, Stockholm. Buss 3 och 76 till Gotlandsgatan eller tunnelbana till Skanstull.



Taming means making customary an occasional meeting and, in that way, transforming the event into a ritual; but taming beauty has a whole other meaning: it has the bittersweet taste of an apple at the first bite, the raw candor of childhood spent in the courtyard, the smell of laundry, the sound of the key rummaging in the lock and finding its nest there. It means learning to appreciate home scenography like a poor art gallery and wandering around your own walls to discover a heartbeat, in that private casket of confidences and memory.

Sandra Lazzarini’s journey to the edge of wonder takes place at home, a museum of still lives dusted by habit. In her creative equipment, as author’s signature, pieces of linen and kitchen gloves, flowers, fruit recur. By extension, the resulting view appears intimate and palpable. While on the streets cars chase each other in traffic, in Sandra’s terrace her ideas stir in the wind of inspiration and then rest in the sun, like hung linen, posing for a shot.

In this exhibition there are some of the self-portraits and still-life from the Laundry series created between 2018 and 2021.

In these images we find in fact some of the recurring elements through which Sandra Lazzarini tries to dialogue with her spectators. Her compositions, which may seem an apparently illogical puzzle, are instead generated by a faithful and refined gaze. A look that jumps the rope of time and that arranges within the same frame, in perfect coexistence, deliberately symbolic objects of everyday life and female bodies with covered faces.

Sandra Lazzarini is a self-taught photographer born in Italy in 1976.

After a degree in Art Restoration in 2002, she carries out various jobs, always managing to leave ample space for photography during her free time. This allows her a free and unconditional approach to her photographic poetics. Her greatest source of inspiration is the painter René Magritte.

Sandra Lazzarini’s work focuses on the representation of the female body and, through her photos, she manages to clear the purely aesthetic and conformist canons, transforming them into elements impervious to indecency and deeply imbued with freedom.

Her photos are published in print and online magazines and she has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. She lives and works in Romagna, Italy.


Sandra Lazzarini är inbjuden av Nadja Ekman


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